The Fashion Show Must Go On!

Brilliant New Venue and Date !

Last week was a tough one for the events team who had to change the venue and date of the Fashion show. However due to its growing success and interest from top designers we had to find somewhere and not give up and find somewhere we did!

The event will now be at the lovely Gallery Blackall Studios on the 30th of March, who are not only a more accomadating and friendly but it’s far more suited to Fashion and our fundraising. More time on the night means more great designers a wine reception, canapés and gorgeous second room perfect for backstage and an exclusive after party!

New designers include London College of Fashion Graduate Cheema, who has been incredibly active in the fashion community by working as a stylist, designer and choreographer. Cheema will be showcasing his new collection which will feature dazzling lingerie and Couture and great summer dresses.

We also have the very creative Emile Car who combines styles from London’s famed structural designs with its sculptured pieces, defined shapes and angles with the femininity that’s only synonymous with a masters’ stroke.

“We don’t use prints or denims, we rely on contrast and cuts” said Emile. “These timeless gifts of fashion, work heavily on the choice of colour and styles and we encompass this work with every stitch sewn together”.

26 year old Emile Carr a fashion graduate from the London College of Fashion sits at the very heart of everything creative that Emile puts out. Carr who also opened the very successful accredited Fashion school in January 2010 demonstrates the kind of flair that is synonymous with those artisans gone before him.

Alongside more designers, upcoming pop star Sertari can still perform during the show in addition to Salsa and Latin dancers to raise the tempo!

Any tickets that have been bought are obviously still valid, make sure you send us a guest list if you’re coming in a group as we need to let the gallery know who is coming. People attending on Facebook will be automatically on the guest list and can either buy tickets in advance or on the door.

Get in touch if you want more information!


About Shanti-International-Charity

Shanti International is an international charity dedicated to empowering under-privileged people and improving their economic and social well-being. A simple ethos of giving others what we take for given underpins all our projects whether we are providing education, support or medication for preventable diseases. In a fair society, everyone should be able to live a life where opportunities are available for them to improve their situation. Shanti International envisions a world where each individual has basic human rights, the freedom, confidence and community support to address any social problems and bring about change. At the heart of any help we provide for the vulnerable, is the aim of helping individuals take advantage of all the possible opportunities that exist for them, so that the most disadvantaged people can live an independent life. We are not limited by causes and strive to be wherever a helping hand is needed. From addressing the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services; to protecting young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of exploitation, Shanti International is there to take a stand.
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