Francesca & Pooja – Office Administrators

We just thought we’d tell you about some more of our fabulous office administrators – Francesca and Pooja:

Francesca has been working as a volunteer for Shanti International since December 2010 and has recently accepted a part-time paid position that will hopefully become full-time in April.

She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in History with the intention of pursuing a career within the charity sector. Her area of interest is Human Rights and Advocacy.
As Administrator and Location co-ordinator, she deals with the operations side of fundraising – making sure we have sites, both old and new. She also helps to promote Shanti’s message by approaching new companies and entities, creating more awareness of the charity and our causes within the central London area.
She is currently incredibly busy getting ready to re-introduce the method of Direct Debits within the fundraising team and gearing up for the summer months, making sure we get the best locations for Shanti International and our fundraisers. Other than that, she is also responsible for a new filing system!!!!
Francesca brings a cheery demeanour, an exceptional phone manner and precise planning to the team. She has definitely instilled the ladies touch within Shanti’s office and is now an indispensable part of the family!!

Pooja took up a voluntary position with us at Shanti in August 2010 thinking it would be just that – However she’s still here! She initially worked as an admin assistant for 3 months, helping out with general administration tasks and logistics from booking to taking interviews.

She was promoted to Admin supervisor in December 2010 and now works 3 days a week alongside Francesca. Together they establish contact with different sites, ranging from town councils and shopping centres to tube stations in and around London for our team of fundraisers to bucket collect.

Other roles include;
Keeping project funds up to date, cashing Shanti’s project money and making sure it goes to our much needed projects in Darjeeling and Nepal, providing hr team with permits, making new databases and organising old databases and making ID cards for our new fundraisers.

Pooja is a workhorse who doesnt even stop for lunch. She seems to always be in a good mood and is best described by her colleagues as “cheery and enthusiastic”. She and Francesca keep the boys in order!

Looking ahead to spring 2011… The girls are establishing a DD (direct debits) team by the end of April to further funds for our projects and gain even more awareness and support for Shanti.


About Shanti-International-Charity

Shanti International is an international charity dedicated to empowering under-privileged people and improving their economic and social well-being. A simple ethos of giving others what we take for given underpins all our projects whether we are providing education, support or medication for preventable diseases. In a fair society, everyone should be able to live a life where opportunities are available for them to improve their situation. Shanti International envisions a world where each individual has basic human rights, the freedom, confidence and community support to address any social problems and bring about change. At the heart of any help we provide for the vulnerable, is the aim of helping individuals take advantage of all the possible opportunities that exist for them, so that the most disadvantaged people can live an independent life. We are not limited by causes and strive to be wherever a helping hand is needed. From addressing the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services; to protecting young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of exploitation, Shanti International is there to take a stand.
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