Our New Friends – Hoxton Pony

We just wanted to write a short article about the wonderful people at the Hoxton Pony in Shoreditch. They have very kindly donated 10 bottles of Finlandia Vodka for us to sell at our fashion show this Wednesday.
We had a great meeting with the management and look forward to developing an on-going relationship with them. We are really excited to be involved with such a modern, young brand; we love the space (our events manager Lynda even had her birthday there) and will definitely try and organise some events in their basement over the summer.
As well as the bar, they also have other business interests such as their brand new Gin (Hoxton Gin) which can now be found on sale at the prestigious Harrods department store in Knightsbridge.
Thanks Guys!!!


About Shanti-International-Charity

Shanti International is an international charity dedicated to empowering under-privileged people and improving their economic and social well-being. A simple ethos of giving others what we take for given underpins all our projects whether we are providing education, support or medication for preventable diseases. In a fair society, everyone should be able to live a life where opportunities are available for them to improve their situation. Shanti International envisions a world where each individual has basic human rights, the freedom, confidence and community support to address any social problems and bring about change. At the heart of any help we provide for the vulnerable, is the aim of helping individuals take advantage of all the possible opportunities that exist for them, so that the most disadvantaged people can live an independent life. We are not limited by causes and strive to be wherever a helping hand is needed. From addressing the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services; to protecting young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of exploitation, Shanti International is there to take a stand.
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