Fantastic Acts for Culture Mash-Up

We have confirmed lots of exciting acts for Culture Mash-up on the 22nd of June that involve pop & R’n’B artists, Street, Salsa & Bollywood Dancers!

Upcoming Artists
Shanti is really excited to feature Nalika Nevaeh, who is a London based singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer. She started singing and putting her own routines together at a very early age and this will take her from singing in her bedroom to performing at events and talent shows.Nalika grew up in a musical home as her father was part of a reggae band. He encouraged and helped her fine tune her craft. This has turned her into the dynamic artist we see today – set to take the industry by storm. She is currently on a UK tour promoting her newly completed 12 track debut album due to be released later this year.

Salsa Dancers
We have both solo and group salsa performances as we have 5 couples performing from ‘Laith Sami’s Performance group’ and we will also feature again the very passionate and talented Zaneta Carna!

Zaneta dancer


We will also have body poping street dance duo ‘a:m’ doing another hot performance for Shanti between designers.

a:m Street Dancers

Bollywood & Bhangra 
Representing some Eastern flavour we have 2 fantastic solo Bhangra & Bollywood dancers Simiran & Priya. Simiran has always been involved in dancing, especially Bollywood and Bhangra, however her style evolved when she received a scholarship to Stradford School of Performing Arts. During her time there she was taught different forms of dancing that range from Ballet to Street!


 Priya has performed on many occasions from various events and fashion shows. She specialised in classical Indian dancing, but also performs within a variety of genres such as Bollywood, Bhangra & Street.  

There will be more information on acts soon and we can’t wait to see all the live entertainment between the catwalk!

 Early bird tickets are available for Culture Mashup only £7.50.
 Money raised supports our projects in India & Nepal.
Email for more details.


About Shanti-International-Charity

Shanti International is an international charity dedicated to empowering under-privileged people and improving their economic and social well-being. A simple ethos of giving others what we take for given underpins all our projects whether we are providing education, support or medication for preventable diseases. In a fair society, everyone should be able to live a life where opportunities are available for them to improve their situation. Shanti International envisions a world where each individual has basic human rights, the freedom, confidence and community support to address any social problems and bring about change. At the heart of any help we provide for the vulnerable, is the aim of helping individuals take advantage of all the possible opportunities that exist for them, so that the most disadvantaged people can live an independent life. We are not limited by causes and strive to be wherever a helping hand is needed. From addressing the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services; to protecting young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of exploitation, Shanti International is there to take a stand.
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