The Shanker Foundation

The Shanker Foundation – Darjeeling Network of Positive People (DjNP+)

Who they are:
The Shanker Foundation is an organisation created by people living with HIV/AIDS to promote the rights and dignity of other sufferers in Darjeeling, India. The individuals that form the Shankar Foundation are those who have been courageous enough to make their positive status public in a community where the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS is very strong.

What do they do?
•The Shanker Foundation’s main focus is on providing transportation and access to medical care, as well as being a source of emotional support for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
•The Foundation offers support and education for the children of people living with HIV/AIDS.
•The Shanker Foundation also holds awareness programs in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas.

How does Shanti International help?
•Shanti International Charity employs various ways of fundraising to support the work of the Shanker Foundation.
•The money Shanti International raises is given to the Foundation to help provide the constant care and support of the increasing number of people living with HIV/AIDS.
•The majority of members of the Shanker Foundation fall below the poverty line and are in need of nutritive food, medical support, and a safe place to live. Shanti International provides these funds to members of the Shanker Foundation in hopes of providing those living with the disease a life of dignity.


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