Darjeeling SPARSH

Who They Are:
•Established by a small group of parents of disabled children in 1995, Darjeeling Sparsh became a registered NGO in 1998 and have been working to improve the lives of disabled children ever since.
•Darjeeling SPARSH operates in the Hill area of Darjeeling where poor government strategy and machinery translates into negligible intervention and a failure to address the needs of PWD’s (People with Disability).

What They Do:
•Darjeeling SPARSH employs Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), which brings rehabilitation within the reach of isolated rural beneficiaries.
•Darjeeling SPARSH also incorporates Home Based Rehabilitation in order to facilitate the rehabilitation of children with disabilities into the community.
•This organisation provides training for parents and other community members, additional counselling for parents, home visits to children with severe disability, and conducts awareness programs at various parts of Darjeeling Hills.
•With the large financial contributions Shanti International has provided, Darjeeling SPARSH has been able to help build the capacity of families and care givers of PwDs to provide Home Rehabilitation and Management Skills.
•Shanti International has made vital contributions for improving the lives of PwDs and families living in some of the remotest and isolated Himalayan foothill villages of the Darjeeling District of India

Primary target groups:

Subject areas(s) of work:
•Community Based Rehabilitation
•Information & Advocacy
•Research & development
•Volunteering opportunities


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