Dina Thanki – Designer extraordinaire

After countless hours volunteering across several departments, we felt that the time was long-overdue to reckognise one of the most talented and patient members of our team – Dina Thanki.

Dina is a graphic designer who has been volunteering at Shanti International since the start of the year and has become indispensable.
In that time she has designed several flyers and posters for events, stickers for our collection boxes, t-shirts for our street collection teams and even temporary tattoos! One of the things we love about her is the fact that her designs are all so different. She is always available to design anything we need and is an incredibly quick worker – turning over work in no time.
Here are just some of the many designs which she has created:

Iwd Flyer

As a small charity we rely on people giving up their time to volunteer and are always on the look-out for talented and enthusiastic individuals to help with every aspect of running a charity. We constantly need people to help with blogging, photography and film, accountancy, hr, design, pr, events management and many other areas. If you think that you might be able to donate some time to a really good cause then please contact lynda@shanti.org.uk. All of our permanent staff started as volunteers before being offered a paid position. We might not be able to pay you from the start but we can certainly help by giving you valuable experience and a great reference.


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