Top Fundraisers – Feb 2011

We like to give some recognition to our top fund-raisers for the brilliant work that they do, and for their support. Lots of our fund-raisers are dedicated and hard working so we want to thank everyone including our fantastic volunteers, for the work they do, but there’s a few in particular that we want to mention….

Niru has only been with us a month and has already progressed into a team leader role due to her great fundraising, bubbly personality, and hard work. Niro always has a smile on her face and we’re really happy to have her on board!


John is the workaholic of the fundraisers, as he wants to work everyday, weekend and all! He always gives 100% and is also developing his leadership skills. We’re really proud of his work ethic and dedication.John

Bethan deserves a shout out for her great consistency and for achieving great results everyday! Her attitude and drive is greatly appreciated.


Big Thanks to everyone!

If you would like to join our team of fund-raisers, contact


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