Top Fundraisers – March 2011


Uche Fundraiser

Big recognition needs to go out to our fantastic fundraiser Uche, who has been with Shanti now for a month and a half, for being an excellent and consistent worker. Uche is simply great to work with, as he always arrives on time, commits to the days he says he can work, delivers consistent results and is constantly on hand to help his team. Thank you Uche!



Another shout out has to go out to Yvette for her great success this month. Yvette has become known for being as sweet a fundraiser as her shockingly sugary coffees! Her lovely style with people is helping her achive great and consistent results. She also fundraised at her first tube stop this month and was a a great success so well earned congratulations for Yvette!

Peter who still never fails to impres us with his smart style has been promoted to team leader and is doing a great job, keep it up!

Special mentions need to go to some of our new staff that have began at Shanti with great results already. Well done to Ruth and Sam!





Big thank you to all our fundraisers and we look forward to writing about more people soon.

If you would like to join our team please email with your CV.


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