International Woman’s Day – 08/03/2011

Organised at the last minute, we used the occasion to have a group catch-up of all our volunteers and activists. Held at what is rapidly becoming our favourite small venue – The Gallery Cafe – it was supposed to be a night of music. Unfortunately, Greg the sound engineer broke his collarbone at home earlier that day so the music didn’t materialize, but it was an excellent opportunity to touch base with all of our wonderful helpers and really push ideas and plans for our upcoming fashion show.  We wish Greg a speedy recovery.

One great idea which surfaced courtesy of Ruby James was to do some temporary Shanti tattoos on the night.. One of our wonderful graphic designers (Dina Thanki) has taken the  Sanskrit image of the word “shanti” and re-worked it into a tattoo design (see below).

Of particular help were the wonderful Khushboo and Ramandeep who spent ages compiling portfolios of models and pictures to help us choose for the show.
A big thank you also goes out to Sarah who brought us 4 rolls of red carpet to use at the show, ensuring that guests will feel like superstars on arrival!
It was incredibly helpful to have all the different contributors in one place and to benefit from the technical expertise of so many talented and creative individuals such as the fashion photographers who explained various lighting issues etc.. All of this will hopefully help make the fashion show our most successful event to-date.
There is so much to organize – so many people and companies are now involved that the event was at risk of spiralling out of control. Thankfully after the meeting, everything is back on track and we are advancing full steam ahead!


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